Caring for your Stik-ees

Stik-ees vinyl decal care and storage tips

To help you keep your Stik-ees vinyl decals at their best, you can follow the following assembly, care and storage tips:

  • Before you decorate with Stik-ees vinyl decals, make sure the application surface is clean and dust-free. If you have used a window cleaner where you plan to apply the Stik-ees, wipe the window with a paper towel to remove all cleaner residue. (We do not recommend using ammonia-based products where Stik-ees vinyl decals will be applied.)

  • To remove the paper backing from the vinyl decal, first squeeze the edges of the sheet at a corner to form a gap between the paper and the vinyl decal. Then peel the paper backing away from the vinyl decal. (For ease of removal, make sure the paper backing stays dry.)

  • Separate the Stik-ees shapes by pulling out each piece from the surrounding vinyl, checking carefully to find all the pieces. Don’t throw away the remaining vinyl until the set is fully assembled.

  • Apply your Stik-ees vinyl decals to almost any clean, glossy surface. Exceptions are: 1) aluminum surfaces, because some types of aluminum might cause Stik-ees to adhere permanently; and 2) windows treated with do-it-yourself sunscreens, because both the window and the Stik-ees vinyl decals can be damaged from a “sunburn” shadow after long exposure to the sunlight.

  • To eliminate fingerprints from showing on the vinyl decal pieces, use a white paper towel to smooth out the Stik-ees.

  • If the outdoor temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, moisten the back of each piece to improve the clinging power on windows. Remove excess water from under the vinyl decal pieces by pulling the edge of a credit card or a ruler over the top of the vinyl decals.

  • If your Stik-ees vinyl decals have become dusty, or have been handled frequently, they might not stick as well as they should. Clean the Stik-ees by washing them in warm, soapy water (liquid dish soap works well). Lay the Stik-ees vinyl decals flat to dry, or pat them dry with a lint-free towel.

  • If your Stik-ees become wrinkled, or if some of the pieces are bent, place the pieces on top of a warm, running clothes dryer until the pieces are flat again. Alternatively, place the vinyl decals in the middle of a folded towel and press the top of the towel with a warm, but not hot, iron.

  • To organize and protect your Stik-ees vinyl decals for future use, store them in a Stik-ees Storage Album, on our storage sheets, or on another plastic surface (e.g., a piece of cardboard covered with plastic wrap). Do not store your Stik-ees on wax paper or aluminum foil – wax and foil remove the static cling quality of Stik-ees vinyl decals.

  • To maximize the use of the storage sheets, the vinyl decals in a Stik-ees set can be layered on the sheet. We suggest that vinyl decal pieces be sorted by color to layer for storage.

  • Store the set cover with the vinyl decal set, so you can refer to it when you reassemble your Stik-ees designs.

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