Letters about Stik-ees’ removable wall decals

Dear Stik-ees,

As a child I remember every Christmas since I was at least 4 years old, placing your product on our big picture window. That was almost 30 years ago. My mom didn't remember the name of the product or where she had purchased them. It was only this year that I recognized the same exact snowflakes from a set I had purchased last year (and no recollection of where they were purchased again)! Because I had moved during Christmas time last year I didn't even open the packages of Stik-ees that I had. This year however, was very different.

It brought back so many childhood memories of putting up those stik-ees every year (it was truly what I loved to do)! And then when I discovered you had a web site, I was elated! I just can't believe the variety you have to offer! I'm on my way to purchasing some for every season and hope to make lasting impressionable memories for my children as well.

Sincerely a Stik-ees fan,

Tracie G.
Ps: Those Stik-ees that my mom has, are STILL holding well on her windows!

Dear Sirs:
I am writing to you about Stik-ees.

My original set will be twenty years old the middle of next month. When I bought that set, it was an all white Christmas set and the only set offered where I got it. I had lots of compliments about that first set!

Yesterday I received the new Stuffy Scarecrow. He is in color. My first set looks every bit as new as the scarecrow.

Some four years after getting my first set I got another Christmas set with red and green parts as well as white. How have they lasted? Perfectly - not a tear or faded color. How do they stay up on the window?

They stay where they are put - even on our bathroom mirror with the steam from the shower. They never slide around or fall off, yet you can gently peel them off with no "shadow mark" or stickiness that cheap adhesive types leave behind.
I made a life-size wooden yard display to cover different holidays with all donations going to Vancouver's Children's Hospital.

With Stik-ees I can co-ordinate my window display with the yard. Everybody seems to offer a Halloween or Christmas window treatment idea but Stik-ees are far superior and offer Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's, Valentine's, etc.

Stik-ees for all occassions or no occassion just to brighten a room like the floral bouquet. Congratulations on a wonderful product that keeps getting nicer. With the sheets of colors available to purchase there is no limit to the wonderful designs people can create on their own besides the sets offered.

Thank you for a product that has brightened our home for all these years and will for many more to come.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Jaqueline B.

Dear Stik-ees:
It has been a great pleasure doing this fundraiser for my daughter's school.

The response we received from the parents was overwhelming.

The STIK-EES are a wonderful product and I hope to be able to bring them to my daughter's school again next year.

Thank you for all your help and friendly service.

I look forward to working with you again.

Maureen J.

Dear Stik-ees:
All of us at Terrace Daycare would like to THANK YOU for the superb job that you did with our fundraising campaign!

We were extremely impressed with the service we received and also with the product that we ordered (Stik-ees).

Your prompt and courteous service made our fundraising venture a very positive one for the staff, parents, and children of our centre.

Thanks again!

Nicole W.