Stik-ees static cling
decals for fundraising

If you’re looking for unique fundraising ideas, consider Stik-ees static cling decals.

Stik-ees is the leader in static cling decal fundraising products. Our static cling decal fundraising programs are profitable, risk-free and fun!

Benefits Stik-ees static cling decal fundraising products:

  • Creative and fun
  • Easy to sell
  • Educational
  • Reusable

There are Stik-ees static cling decal sets designed for every season, holiday and occasion throughout the year, with a number of play sets designed especially for children. Stik-ees static cling decals are ideal for decorating homes, schools, offices and all types of businesses. They also make great gifts for the young and elderly alike. And the static cling decals are economical, too, because they’re reusable year after year.

Join the growing number of happy Stik-ees static cling decal customers, who include:

  • Athletic leagues / Music groups
  • Boy / Girl Scouts non-profit organizations
  • Cheerleaders / Pre-schools
  • Clubs / Private schools
  • Community groups / Public elementary schools
  • Day care centers / Public junior high schools
  • Individual classrooms / Public high schools

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